Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Call for 2023 Droneday Video Submissions

WeirdCanada is promoting Drone Day. So is BEAMS.

Seeking DRONE DAY VIDEOS and AUDIENCE. May 27th 2023 noon to midnight mountain time.

We will be hosting a virtual drone day on twitch or youtube. 

Do you want to listen? Goto  https://twitch.tv/beamsdotca

For now we're focussed on accepting videos submissions.

We prefer drone videos.

We accept drone videos and live streams. 

Video Submissions [Deadline May 24th, 2023]

 For videos please use wetransfer.com and email to 

 "BEAMS-SUBMISSION <beams-submission@googlegroups.com>"

with subject line "2023 BEAMS Droneday Video Submission"

Video Requirements:
- must be Drone-ish music (we reserve the right to deny or accept)
- Videos of 10 minutes or longer are preferred (30 minutes is the sweet spot, 60 minutes max).

- Videos should have a title card that gives your name, contact info, performance name, etc.

- Please in the email provide:

   * Project Name and who we should attribute it to   

    * Title Card Project Name: []  (put it between square brackets exact how you want us to write it, skruntskrunt all lowercase would be [skruntskrunt]
   * Title of submission: [] (put it between square brackets exact how you want us to write it, aTitleWrittenInCamelCase [aTitleWrittenInCamelCase]
   * link to download link (wetransfer, dropbox, http, or google drive)
   * Description
   * Confirmation that BEAMS may post and transmit and share you submission non-exclusively and for 0 or more compensation (yes this year we might pay you!)
   * Any copyright worries you might have (we might have to censor it
     on youtube)

- currently there is 0 payment (may change, no promises) 

- communication will be via email to BEAMS-SUBMISSION <beams-submission@googlegroups.com>

   For the video, please try to follow these guidelines:

   * Resolution 1920x1080 (16:9 aspect ratio, if your videos isn't
     then add black bars because we will)
   * FPS: 30
   * MP4 or MKV format
   * AAC or OGG or FLAC audio
   * Optionally include your own title-card, you might not like ours.
   * At least 10 minutes, 60 minutes at most, 30 minutes is preferred
     max length.

What is drone? 

I don't know! Long notes? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone_music People have opinions.