Friday, May 31, 2024

BEAMS and AMASS sponsor Edmonton Noisefest 2024

 On August 17th 2024 Edmonton noisefest will happen again at the Aviary!

Checkout for more details.

Friday, May 17, 2024

BEAMS Presents Drone Day 2024

Saturday May 25th, 2024, Idylwylde Community League, 3pm to midnight.

$10 for BEAMS members, and $10 for BEAMS memberships. Free for Idylwylde Community League members.

Time OnProject NameDurationPerformance Description
15:00m.o.a.i.n.30 minutesI will use some free software and Ableton live to improvise a live mixing variety of drones together for a complex dynamic of drone sound.
15:30Brick Road45 minutesI will drone using pure drone and other continuous sounds with electronic and acoustic instruments.
16:15Microenvironment 30 minutes"Lost to time" An evolving layer of tension that slowly builds into a satisfying release.
16:45Wayne Defehr45 minutesThis piece weaves drone tones drawn from the sounds of the environment, such as my field recordings of the wind at the UA farm, and the North Saskatchewan R., along with the sounds of the weather sensors on the roof of the UA department of Geography, recorded with a JSON script and the API from a Weather Canada site.
17:30Dinosaur Dragondrone45 minutesBuilding and maintaining an 'organic' feedback loop. Organic being not directly feeding the source signal back to itself...but relying on acoustic resonance and standing waves within the room to carry the sound.
18:15Jared Epp30 minutesI plan to perform a new composition, that will be part structured and part improvised. It will be electronic based and may include some loops of found sound recordings.
18:45James Parrott1 hourI plan to do a mix of improvised performance, plus a mix of field recordings and previous works.
19:45Ghost Cars1 hourA longform piece made with guitar, keyboard, and samples.
20:45Matt McKenzie1 hourTwo or three compositions that explore ostinatos as a means of producing drones. Various synthesis techniques will be used including granular/sample-based.
21:45Gary James Joynes / Clinker1 hourModular Synthesizer Drone Set
22:45Gray Hartley30 minutesSubject to change in the next 2 months but mainly just improvised guitar drones visually accompanied by the animated childhood trauma classic Watership Down
23:15K.M. Toepfer45 minutesI plan to perform an improvised piece of sustained tones and shifting, reverberating drone-scapes created with feedback from home stereo equipment as the source material.