Sunday, July 24, 2016

Video of the Screaming Skull

March Meloche and BEAMS presents The Screaming Skull:

Performances by Himiko, Stephen Serreda, Gene Kosowan, Abram Hindle / SkruntSkrunt, and Mark Meloche

Friday, July 22, 2016

S'sE Sessions: A psychedelic evening of electronic experimentation

Sunday July 31st at 8PM at Bohemia in Edmonton
Lineup announcement:
S’sE SESSIONS will provide a musical backdrop for eight eclectic talented artists for the live portion of the event, A psychedelic evening of electronic experimentation.
himiko becomes a cat and bangs keyboard.
project --- Calico
piece description --- a cat plays with a keyboard and interacts with the sound and rhythms she hears, and sometimes she ignores everything, just being a selfish cat.
Édrihan Lévesque
Your effervescent space-maestro, édrihan lévesque presents: the return of the keymaster, the sequel, pt. II
A "non-random technical cacophony" project concocted by David Axis. Raising awareness of the fact that (#1) 25% of the planets un-mined Uranium is in the Ft. McMurray area (#2) conveniently (because of the fire event) exploration licences (to mine this uranium) will conveniently bypass the usual environmental scrutiny
Steven Sereda
Kaoss Pad manipulation:
the Jungel Song
11 Loop Shaloop
Mama Goes Shaloopin
Skrunt Skrunt
Drones in G
Damno Te
Mark Meloche has been performing harsh noise since 2004, using the name Damno Te at the beginning. This show he will performing his modified snowshoe.
Andrew Hall / Frozenlake121 is an experimental artist who keeps one foot in the digital realm, the other in the electro-acoustic, and his heart in creative exploration. His piece "Fork In The Rhodes" is both prearranged and improvised on laptop and office intercom units. The downtempo minimalist electronics reflect a somber consideration of recent events, things to come and the painful indecision that binds it all together. As one's thoughts run in circles, a feedback loop ensues. But only if you let it.
Philip Jagger is an Edmonton based musician who likes to push the edges of poetry, music, sound and video. This piece is the mediation of temple in the forest to the mediation of the temples of video games - temple arcadi is the piece. Long time member, Shannon Land will also be performing during this set.
Mark Meloche presents "The Screaming Skull!" With performances by Himiko, Stephen Sereda, SkruntSkrunt, Gene Kosowan, and Mark Meloche. Free outdoor show so no need for earplugs folks. Tunes start at 1pm.
Poster by Gene.

Sunday June 24, 1 PM - 4 PM

Edmonton, Alberta T5K