Thursday, November 26, 2020

Duelling Axes III : Call for composers, electro-acoustic, and experimental music performers.

Saturday, December 12th 2020.
7pm to 10pm.

Call for composers, electro-acoustic, and experimental music performers.

Deadline: Friday, Demeber 4th 2020.

Hi there BEAMERS!

This is a call out for any of you who would like to take part in an online event. The third Duelling Axes.

Duelling Axes is an ongoing B.E.A.M.S. event where experimental sound and music artists use the left and right outputs of their instruments or devices to control a digital oscilloscope. The effects are unique to each artist from messy lines to beautiful patterns. This event is sponsored by AMAAS and each performing artist will receive $25. There are 9 spots available for this event (20 minute performances). The only requirements are you need to have a twitch account, and to be able to screen share a digital oscilloscope from your own computer, with the sounds you are making all to twitch.

You are welcome to use any digital oscilloscope. If you don't have one or know where to get one you can find one here:

There's also many other resources on this site you can check out.

To be considered for this event we need from you a sample twitch performance that is two to five minutes in length. Please send us a link to the video recording on your twitch account.


 2020 DIGITAL COMPILATION ALBUM  "Quarantine Calm"

Call for composers, electro-acoustic, and experimental music producers. Also visual artists.

Deadline: Saturday, December 5th 2020.


We've gotten some great submissions so far but still need more so we are extending the deadline another month. Spread the word and join in!

This is a call out for any of you who would like to submit your pieces to be considered for our first online compilation album, which will be available on our Bandcamp page. Any sales of the album or individual tracks will be split 50/50. B.E.A.M.S. will use our share to host future events.

We are also looking for submissions from visual artists for the cover art of this album. Visual artists are free to submit multiple pieces for consideration.

In light of the times we are experiencing the theme for the album will be "Quarantine Calm". Pieces should be no longer than 10 mins. Your expression and interpretation of the theme is up to you.

There will be a maximum of 15 tracks on this, the third edition of the B.E.A.M.S. compilation album.

On the day of release B.E.A.M.S will host an online release party live on starting at 7pm. Visual artists are welcome to submit pieces that will be played along with the music on twitch.