Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SCUM News Network Fearmonger Film Festival (independantly organized by some BEAMS members)

Borys, Voice Industrie among acts performing at satirical event
EDMONTON -- Six Edmonton-based music acts have been confirmed to stage a multimedia event designed to satirize the sensationalism of conservative-leaning TV channel Sun New Network. The event, dubbed the SCUM News Network Fearmonger Film Festival, runs at Bohemia (10217-97 St.) Tuesday, March 10 at 9 p.m. Admission to the no-minors event is $10.
The artists, which include Borys, Voice Industrie and Official Opposition, will perform with screenings of vintage public-domain footage, captioned to ridicule Sun News Network’s up-in-arms delivery of editorial opinion, which is almost always aimed at liberals.
In particular, a 30-minute edit of the sci-fi bomb Plan 9 From Outer Space has been retooled to irreverently highlight the perils of an open-door immigration policy. Voice Industrie will add an electronic vibe to quotes by Canada’s Prime Minister grafted onto a Fritz Lang classic in Stephen Harper’s Metropolis.
Other films have been altered to parody SNN’s swipes at such subject matter as gays, media, protesters and campus radio. Additional artists tapped to play include Bong Sample, Stephen Sereda and Fecal Point. Video preview is available at .

Note: this is a show that features BEAMS members, but is not an official BEAMS show.