Saturday, July 2, 2022

Announcing the 2nd Virtual Edmonton Noisefest (4th Edmonton Noisefest) (2022)

   Restrictions are gone, but COVID-19 is still here, just as strong, and more virulent! So we're virtual again!

   When: August 28th, 2022 (Sunday) (sometime)

   Where: Online (youtube, twitch,

   What: enscribed video works of noise artists from Edmonton, from
   Alberta, from Canada, and from all over the world.

Call for Submissions:

   Dear Noise Musicians and Noise non-musicians!
   This August 2022 we are hosting Edmonton NoiseFest virtually. It
   will be a streamed video event showcasing Edmonton Noise, Albert
   Noise, Canada Noise, and International Noise in Video Form.

   We will be releasing a curration of whatever is submitted on August
   28th on Youtube and (because they have better sound and
   youtube is fundamentally unethical).

   Submissions should be exclusive (self-release is fine) but if it
   plays at another festival or something please warn us (youtube
   likes to take things down).  


   To submit, upload your video file somewhere and write an email to
   BEAMS-SUBMISSION <> with the
   subject: Edmonton Noisefest Submission 2022

   You should copy and paste these bullet point into the email and answer them:

   * Project Name and who we should attribute it to

   * Title Card Project Name: []  (put it between square brackets exact how you want us to write it, skruntskrunt all lowercase would be [skruntskrunt]
   * Title of submission: [] (put it between square brackets exact how you want us to write it, aTitleWrittenInCamelCase [aTitleWrittenInCamelCase]
   * link to download link (wetransfer, dropbox, http, or google drive)
   * Description
   * Confirmation that BEAMS may post and transmit and share you submission non-exclusively and for 0 or more compensation (yes this year we might pay you!)
   * Any copyright worries you might have (we might have to censor it
     on youtube)
   For the video, please try to follow these guidelines:

   * Resolution 1920x1080 (16:9 aspect ratio, if your videos isn't
     then add black bars because we will)
   * FPS: 30
   * MP4 or MKV format
   * AAC or OGG or FLAC audio
   * Optionally include your own titlecard, you might not like ours.
   * At least 1 minute, 30 minutes at most, 20 minutes is preferred
     max length.

   If you don't know what this means then don't worry, just submit
   ahead of time so I can deal with it.

   We reserve the right to not include your work. We also need
   non-exclusive permission to post your work combined with other
   works to youtube,, twitch, our own website as well. We
   unfortunately offer $0 or more compensation as everything is free on our end
   as well, but I think we have budget so we'll see. I'll update the compensation as I get details.

Main organizer: Abram Hindle