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BEAMS at the Works

Electroacoustic show with BEAMS at the Works

The Boreal Electroacousitc Music Society will present an evening of experimental sound and video as part of the Works Festival of Art and Design of Monday, June 27 at 7 pm in the Stanley Milner Library Edmonton Room. Local sound artists Himiko, Stephen Sereda, S’sE SESSIONS, Wayne DeFehr, Phillip Jagger, Don Ross and Billie Zizi will present live guitars, vocals, clarinet, piano and bass with electronic processing, along with software that generates sound from visuals, AI from video games, cosplay, dance and video from John Osborne, Phil Jagger and Christine Miller.


Kitter Litter Blues an improvisation of jazz and avant-garde piano, with maybe some dancing. I'll be wearing my kitty disguise.

Stephen Sereda

The pieces are: Meeting Mr. Mayhem, Mama Goes Schloopin', and Jafex.


S’sE SESSIONS performs live music that ranges from experimental to ambient score oriented soundscapes to progressive bumpy beats; bowed and plucked basses, turn tables/sampling, sequences, live looped and live guitar, and samples and synths make up our scored and ad lib set. We will be adding guest members for tracks to upcoming shows to fulfill the ‘sessions’ aspect of S’sE.

Wayne Defehr

Save Keys to Open Doors! The Avatars Reach Out explores the early examples of AI voice synthesis in video games

 Phil Jagger and agapĂ© raygun experiment

glitch pop with software that transforms visuals into sound. 

Don Ross and Billie Zizi

Don Ross and Billie Zizi will perform live clarinet, guitar and vocals with electronic effects, with visuals by Christine Miller.

The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society joins forces with The Works for a unique concert featuring Don Ross & Billie Zizi, S'sE SESSIONS, Himiko, Wayne DeFehr, Stephen Sereda and agaparaygunexperiment. Videos by The Spirit of Mercury and Philip Jagger. Show is all-ages and FREE!

Don Ross & Billie Zizi


Wayne DeFehr

Stephen Sereda



Monday June 27, 2016, 7pm $0 FREE
at the Stanley A. Milner Library Theatre.

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