Thursday, August 26, 2021

3rd Edmonton Noisefest

 Dear friends!

We premier on youtube at 5pm Mountain Time, click here for the: the youtube stream. Live chat will be held on youtube during the premier of the video!

Youtube Link: Link: livestream link:

With Performances from (in order):

* Hoaxroad
* Mutant Beatniks (UK)
* Kelly Ruth
* gintas k (Lithuania)
* Phiqual Poynte
* Neil Wiernik (ON)
* Wayne DeFehr
* Andrew Wayne (USA)
* Trevor DePagie & James Lyons
* Holiday Special (USA)
* Don Haugen (USA)
* BlipVert
* Major Tinnitus (USA)
* Nathaniel Sutton
* Erin Altomare (BC)
* Damno Te
* Tanukispidercat (USA)
* Jared Epp
* whip of the ufo (BC)
* Jacob Audrey Taves (BC)
* M.O.A.I.N.
* Molena (BC)
* skruntskrunt
* Artist Info
** Hoaxroad

   AB, Canada

   Project name: Hoaxroad
   Attribute work to: Hoaxroad
   Title of submission: Call From Above
   Link to video -
   Description: Hoaxroad visits a haunted cemetery near Chip Lake,
   Alberta. He is then caught in the middle of a storm.

** Mutant Beatniks
   Bath , England , Europe
   Project Name : Mutant Beatniks
   Title of submissions : woven , Riding the Carrousel & tracey skitters
   Description : Video Art

** Kelly Ruth

   Edmonton, AB, Canada

   Project Name: Kelly Ruth
   Title of submission: Simulation Refraction

   Description: Sound created using contact microphones on weaving
   loom and spinning wheel, with vocals and effects pedals. Video
   create within the virtual world called Second Life.

** gintas k

 Project Name and who we should attribute it to:
    Gintas K - audio
    Juodo   - video

 Title of submission: jesus safe my soul

** PhiqualPoynte

   Edmonton, AB Canada

   Project Name: Phiqual Poynte
   Title of submission: Like Sodomizing A Garbage Disposal Unit

   Description: The brilliant sound artist Phiqual Poynte returns to
   mesmerize his enormous following with his ultimate noise-take on
   social issues. This incredible video is only a minute long to
   ensure that the resonant splendor of the contents will not totally
   overwhelm his faithful disciples.

** Neil Wiernik

   ON, Canada

   Project Name and who we should attribute it to:  Neil Wiernik
   * Title of submission - The trees beyond the ridge, fade when the sun is at its brightest.
   * Description - Improvised live in the studio August 2021

   Artist Bio

   Neil Wiernik (Canada) began composing electronic music in 1988 with
   explorations in audio art and experimental music. Neil's interest
   in sound and technology has lead him to experiment with altered
   instruments, modified devices, and custom software environments. He
   has presented his work in a variety of public spaces since the late
   1980s, his projects have included works for radio, video, live or
   pre-recorded concerts and internet diffusion. Neil has presented
   projects at the Finland Contemporary Museum, ISEA, Subtle
   Technologies Conference, La SAT, The Medusa Complex, Mutek
   Festival, The Music Gallery as well as other public spaces such
   derelict buildings, parks, bridges and pirate airways.

   Known to push the boundaries of musical forms, Neil's music could
   be described as warm, atmospheric, cinematic and experimental
   electronic music. His sound design is firmly grounded in the rich
   traditions of dub studio culture but can also be weighed alongside
   formal contemporary experimental composition and the grittiness of
   late 90's Berlin electronic music. His music has been described in
   "The Wire" as having "...the kind of sharpness and clarity usually
   lost amid the murk and decay of clicks and cuts and digital
   delays." Neil has released music on various labels from Canada, The
   US and Europe under his own name as well as under the alias of
   "naw". He has also released music most recently as a founding
   member of the ambient post-rock project Whisper Room with Aidan
   Baker (Nadja).

** Wayne DeFehr

   Edmonton, AB, Canada

   Project Name: Wayne DeFehr

   Title: "Solidity of Fog"

   The title is a nod to one of Luigi Rossolo's titular paintings from
   1912, the year before he published his well-known manifesto about
   music, called The Art of Noises. Rossolo's idea was that music
   evolves in complexity, starting from the simple melodies of early
   music to faster and more complex forms over time that reflect the
   evolving sounds created by the increased speed of modern life.
   Perhaps a further evolution of sonic complexity would include
   responsive visual elements, adding another layer of audio
   expression through visual elements that are "painted" with the
   dynamics of sound.

** Andrew Wayne

 Sacramento, CA, USA

 Project Name: Andrew Wayne Is ๐Ÿƒ

 Title: An Audible Study On Photosynthesis

 Description: details below.

   Artist: Andrew Wayne Is ๐Ÿƒ
   Title: An Audible Study On Photosynthesis

 Video clips were taken from Encyclopaedia Brittanica video on
 Photosynthesis, 1981. Produced by the BBC for the British Open

 Thank you for watching!

 Recorded and Mastered at Neon Noodle Studios by Andrew Wayne, 8/6/2021
 Video submission for the Edmonton Noise Fest, 8/28/2021

** Trevor DePagie

   Edmonton, AB, Canada

   Project name: Trevor DePagie and James Lyons
   Title of submission: Anodyne

   Description: Experimental/Noise track and first video by this duo.
   Trevor and James have collaborated in the studio for ages and have
   been friends for even longer. Their love of creating sound has seen
   them sonically cross paths, from time to time, in projects such as
   S'sE SESSIONS and AGAPERAYGUNEXPERIMENT and have a set booked to
   perform together in the near future.

** Holiday Special

   Sacramento, CA, USA

   This is not an exclusive video, and has aired once before for the
   May 2021 Audio Waffle on the Norcal Noisefest channel.

    Project name: Holiday Special
    Video title: Televeyes
    Description: What are our eyes good for, if not to receive signals
    provided by the wonders of color television?


   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    * Project Name and who we should attribute it to

    * Title of submission

    OEIS B files A000001 to A004096

    * Description

    This is a sonification and visualization of the first 4096 sequences in
    the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences ( The b-files for
    the sequences are sorted by length and then are looped or truncated to a
    canonical length. Then the inverse FFT of the sequence is taken at a few
    different time scales, windowed, and added up.

** Don Haugen

   Eugene, OR, USA

   Project Name: Don Haugen

   Title of submission: "Man's Ruin Through Heroes"

   Description: Audio and video recorded live, then edited together in
   Eugene, Oregon, USA

** BlipVert

   Edmonton, AB, Canada

   Project: BlipVert

   Title: Xurilia Atmosphere

** Major Tinnitus

   CA, USA

 * Project Name and who we should attribute it to: Major Tinnitus (Sacramento, CA)

 * Title of submission: Double-Screened

 * Description: Dual-LDR driven Schmitt Trigger Inverter Oscillator
   fed by chunky CRT static and Visualizations on LCD monitor. Audio
   replayed through WINAMP using Milkdrop visualizations.

** Nathaniel Sutton
   Edmonton, AB, Canada

   Project name: Nathaniel Sutton Experiments

   Title of submission: Nathaniel Sutton Experiments

** Erin Altomare
   Vancouver, BC, Canada
 * Project name is just my name! Erin Altomare

 * Title is "Excerpt from 'A Page of Madness'"

 * Description:
   Film directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa, 1926.
   Sound source: Izaiho ritual, Kudaka Island, Okinawa

** Damno Te
   Edmonton, AB, Canada
   Artist: Damno Te

   Track: Victim Eyes

** Tanukispidercat
   CA, USA

   * Project Name: TanukiSpiderCat

   * Title of submission: Demersal

   * Description - noise / cello / modular / samples

** Jared Epp
   Edmonton, AB, Canada

 * Project Name and who we should attribute it to
  Jared Epp
 * Title of submission
  Paranoia On the Go

 * Description

  Most of the video shot while living in Toronto in 2020 (a couple
   shots are from Edmonton taken in August 2021). I just moved back to
   Edmonton and put together the noise audio section. Responding to
   moving through space and feeling overwhelmed.

** whip of the ufo
   Vancouver, BC, Canada
  Project: whip of the ufo
  Title of submission: sutinence3
  Description: new noise improvisation by whip of the ufo

** Jacob Audrey Taves

   Project: Jacob Audrey Taves

My artist website is:

Below is my artist info:

Communicating in a language of errors, hum, crackle, feedback and
found sounds, composer and improviser Jacob Audrey Taves explores
themes of alienation, post-industrial anxiety and the push and pull
between macro and micro social, political and sonic frameworks.
Utilizing the fragile nature of malfunctioning equipment and exposing
unintentional audio artifacts, Taves' work gives errors room to
develop and to have voices of their own in an emotive, free-form

Jacob Audrey Taves is best known for their ongoing plunderphonic
industrial project HOLZKOPF. They are also a member of ORGANS WITHOUT
BODIES (with percussionist John Brennan) as well as ASSAULT CHARGE (a
punk/digital hardcore band with songwriter and author Eamon McGrath).
Taves was the guitar player for the short lived no-wave three piece
OTHER JESUS. They are curator of the audio/video collage series

Throughout their various bands and projects they have toured Europe,
Canada, USA, Mexico and Japan, sharing billing with Merzbow, Keiji
Haino, Venetian Snares, Freida Abtan, John Oswald, Mark Hosler
(Negativland), People Like Us and others. They have performed at the
Vancouver International Jazz Festival (Canada), Hamsylet (Ukraine),
Body Machine Body (Estonia), ZNFI (Slovenia), Yaga Gathering
(Lithuania), 4D Festival (Japan) and have been an artist in residence
at Les Pixels Transverseux (Sevres, France), Hammock (Vancouver,
Canada) and PAVED Art and New Media (Saskatoon, Canada).

** Juice Machine

   Project Name and who we should attribute it to:

  Title of submission:

  The Word for Edmonton Noise Fest 2021


  JUICE MACHINE is Heather & Roger playing electronics, tapes and
  samples. recorded in July 2021 @ Jerry's PLace, Eugene, Oregon.
  Video/visuals by Carl Kruger July 2021, Wilmington, North Carolina

** M.O.A.I.N.

 Project Name : m.o.a.i.n.
 Title of submission: Digital Noise playground
 Description: Chris in realtime using Reaktor to oscillate different
 noises on 5 different tracks. Mixing them and manipulating them in
 Ableton. While also trying to play with visualizing the noise using
 vdmx and and Max for live Oscilloscope plugin.

** molena
   Vancouver, BC, Canada
   artist name: molena
   song titles are: the delayed 16.26 northern rail service to leeds

** skruntskrunt
   Edmonton, AB, Canada

   artist name: skruntskrunt
   song title: buffers