Saturday, June 26, 2021

Across the Town-averse



When: 8pm to 11pm 


Come hang out with us this Saturday on twitch for Across The TownAverse, a NinJam show! Sponsored by AMAAS

NinJam is a free open source software that allows anyone to get together and jam or perform live over the internet. You can learn more about it here:

Our first performers The Kaon'CPTs is a whole new take to this shows concept, cranking it up a level by making it a virtual experience. We will be broadcasting to Twitch but you will also have the option to enter Mozilla Hubs where you will be able to walk around and explore the digital world they created and even contribute to shows audio if you choose.

The Kaon'CPTs is an ephemeral band dedicated to flip along several time realities. Undecided, their action oscillates, alternates from physical to virtual, hesitates between now, before and later. Previous activities include synchronized network music, implementing timecode-based behaviours and listening to buffer underflows in interactive cyberworlds. Actually, nothing periodically unusual can affect Kaon'CPT's conservation of entropy.

The first half of their performance will be Perripplayear. A musical immersive comprovisation for N remotely comprovising musicians and any instrumentation in a virtual 3D world.

All this comes from distance, symbiosis, lack, virtual choreography, simultaneous instants, drifting clocks & musical texture. Social tropism leads them to perform where the light can shine in the forest of live togetherness software. Unfolded into three different time layers, the audience is invited inside a virtual world, being copresent as avatars with the Kaon'CPT & friends. At the border of the software forest, your browser is here, regardless the shape of your vehicle be it a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or VR headset.

If you would like to learn more you can go here:

The second half of the show you will hear electro-acoustic performances by:

Gozu Mezu and the galactic explorer


Abram Hindle and Daryl Posnett

Can't wait to see you all there and hang out in the chat!