Saturday, November 24, 2018

Self-Directed Studies

   BEAMS presents Self-Directed Studies!

   We invite you to a a night of musical studies!

   Electroacoustic studies of topics from simulated acoustics,
   markovian generation of music, collaborative improv, Ray Bradbury,

   4 of the artists are performing to meet their course requirements,
   the others signed up out of self interest :-)

   Genres include: Jazz Improv, Electoacoustic, Noise, Computational
   improvized chamber music, etc.

   Arists include:

   Mark Segger & Friends

   Amir Salimi

   Yourui Guo

   Noah Weninger

   Don Ross

   Wayne Defehr

   Gene Kosowan

   Damno Te
   Doors at 7pm

   Music at 7:30pm
   Ortona Room, Ortona Armoury, 9722 - 102 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0X4

   Come join BEAMS for an especially Academic Party :-)