Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Art's Birthday

ARTS Birthday

In 1963 French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou declared that January 17 a
million years ago was the birth of art, when someone dropped a sponge in a
bucket of water. Since then, artists around the world have held events in
honour of Art's Birthday. We at BEAMS are proud to have hosted the Edmonton
version for the last few years, curated by our own Philip Jagger. Phil's
call for submissions for this year's show on January 22 is below. You can
respond directly to him at the email listed below:

* On January 22 at bohemia
* The theme for this year is Art Exchange
* All beamers will be paired up with a beams member or an international artist.
* You will find out a month in advance of the show or if you dare the day of.
* The maximum amount of time allotted for each beams member pair up is 20  minutes
* also if you know visual artists there will be an art swap, so artists can come and swap their art.

CONTACT philip jagger e m a i l: satoreye A___T telus D__O__T net