Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BEAMS Presents Art's Birthday

Edmonton will be celebrating arts Birthday
with artists from around the world and Local artists
to create a open collaboration:

Himiko deth noise
Frozen Lake 121
Don ross
Soundreamer Days
Hari Maia
S'sE sessions
Skrunt Skrunt
G wolf
Stephen Sereda
Dave Axis
Ben Freeland
Koichi Okada
The Spirit of Mecury

Artists are paired off with each other to explore the boundaries of new music ,sound and art.
Night is also dedicated to robert adrian
an outstanding pioneer of new music and computer art.

Also taking place will be an art exchange visuals artist will bring wrapped presents to exchange with other artists

$10 non beams members
$5 dollars non beams members

Jan 22 at 8 PM to Jan 23 at 1 AM
10217 97 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0L5

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Art's Birthday

ARTS Birthday

In 1963 French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou declared that January 17 a
million years ago was the birth of art, when someone dropped a sponge in a
bucket of water. Since then, artists around the world have held events in
honour of Art's Birthday. We at BEAMS are proud to have hosted the Edmonton
version for the last few years, curated by our own Philip Jagger. Phil's
call for submissions for this year's show on January 22 is below. You can
respond directly to him at the email listed below:

* On January 22 at bohemia
* The theme for this year is Art Exchange
* All beamers will be paired up with a beams member or an international artist.
* You will find out a month in advance of the show or if you dare the day of.
* The maximum amount of time allotted for each beams member pair up is 20  minutes
* also if you know visual artists there will be an art swap, so artists can come and swap their art.

CONTACT philip jagger e m a i l: satoreye A___T telus D__O__T net

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Damn Magpies played a successful improvisational at Bohemia!

Download video and audio from here:

Or watch it now:

Saturday, November 14, 2015

BEAMS presents:

Damn Magpies

Debut Concert

The Damn Magpies Story!

First off, damn magpies like magpies.

And like magpies, they happily devote themselves (in groups of two to six) to making the most extraordinary sounds while hopping about looking for more sounds to make and things to steal. Also like magpies, damn magpies overwinter in Edmonton and enjoy the way snow changes the sound of the sounds they make.

Chenoa Anderson - flutes
Allison Balcetis- saxophones
Ian Crutchley - found oddities
Scott Smallwood - electronics
Mark Segger - percussion
Izumi Kuribayashi - violin

Bohemia: 10217 97 street

Doors open at 7:30 / Show starts at 8

$10 tickets or pay what you can - available at the door

Friday, August 14, 2015

BEAMS members playing with NME at the Fringe

New Music Edmonton is at the Fringe all week and some BEAMS members are performing with NME as well!.

A new season is coming, and we we'll start as usual: the NME at the Fringe!. Please, join us in any (or all!) of this 10 days of awesomeness:

AUGUST 13th:
Marek Orszulik
AUGUST 14th:
Gene Kosowan [BEAMS]
Motonogo and Trixie Moon

Dave Wall
AUGUST 16th:
Raimundo Gonzalez
Motonogo and Trixie Moon [BEAMS]
AUGUST 17th:
Justin Massey and Gavin Goodwin
AUGUST 18th:
Nancy Sandercock/ Alison Grant-Preville/ Ian Crutchley
Phil Jagger, Don Ross and Bill Damur [BEAMS]
AUGUST 19th:
Pigeon Breeders
AUGUST 20th:
Mark Segger and Friends [BEAMS]
AUGUST 21st:
Ookpik Ensemble
AUGUST 22nd:
Gene Kosowan
Nancy Sandercock/ Alison Grant-Preville/ Ian Crutchley

Every night, 8pm
$10 General/$5 Student/Senior

"...stays true to the spirit of fringing: it’s experimental, it promotes new artists and it’s just a little bit weird." Vue Weekly

So specifically come see BEAMSers on August 14th, August 15th, August 18th and August 20th at the Wee Book Inn!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Andy Warhol Birthday Bash with Brendan Anderson, Holly Von Sinn & More (Other BEAMSers)

The man who redefined pop art and created the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, which gave rise to the Velvet Underground, would have been 84 on this date. To commemorate the artistic legacy of this countercultural vanguard, a number of locals hit the Boho stage.

Brendan Anderson
Edmonton's demon of drone!

Holly Von Sinn
A burlesque retrospect of the wigged wonder!

Porcelain Heart
Today's counterculture walking on the wild side!

Stephen Sereda
A flaky mashup of mayhem!

Plus one more unbilled act...

9 p.m., $10, 18+

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BEAMS at the Works Video!

BEAMS was triumphant with 5 non-stop video accompanied sets!

Download the video here at

BOREAL ELECTROACOUSTIC MUSIC SOCIETY ( member perform at the 2015 Edmonton WORKS festival.

Shawn Pinchbeck --- Sear

Don Ross and Mark Segger
clarinet and percussion
video by John Osborne
--- Borrowed Love Poems 2

agapéraygunexperiment --- type interface

Skruntskrunt (Abram Hindle) --- Cosmic Aria Da Capo (or Aria Da Cosmos)

Allison Balcetis
--- Le Fusain Fuit La Gomme (The Charcoal Flees the Eraser) by Marie-Hélène Fournier
--- video by John Osborne

The experimental sound artists of The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society (BEAMS), are presenting a free evening of electronic and experimental music and multimedia in the Stanley Milner Library Theatre on Monday, June 22 at 7:00 p.m. as part of the Works Festival of Art and Design. The show features the surreal soundscapes of St Crispin's Improv, Motonogo, Skruntskrunt, Shawn Pinchbeck, Allison Balcetis and agapéraygunexperiment with animated video by John Osborne and others. Sound artists Don Ross, Mark Segger, Gene Kosowan, Steve Sereda, Will Truchon, Abram Hindle, Phil Jagger and friends will use tech high and low, including electromagnetic waves from stars, a typewriter, projectors, synths, loopers, kaoss pad, clarinet, guitar, drums and saxophone.