Monday, January 5, 2015

Art's Birthday

Art’s Birthday to include global entries

Kevin Maimann & the Pretty Things, Pizzarrhea!!!, Himiko, added to diverse lineup

EDMONTON – Composers and performers from two countries outside Canada will have works included in Art’s Birthday 2015 Edmonton, the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society announced today. The event, part of an international celebration of art, takes place Saturday, Jan. 17 at the Ortona Armoury (9722-102 Street), starting at 8 p.m. Admission is $10.

The overseas contributions will feature local acts improvising over the works. Italian dancer and performance artist Alessandra Zerbinati, who goes by the stage name Lametàfisica, will have her piece “Yummy Gummy Corpse” receive a live treatment by Edmonton experimentalists Agaperaygunexperiment. Japan’s Okada Koichi, a.k.a. Tamayurakurage — a native of Hiroshima — will feature his anti-nuke work and video “We Must Prevent the Collapse of the World” include accompaniment on clarinet by Don Ross.

Edmonton Sun reporter and award-winning songwriter Kevin Maimann, no stranger to bizarre subject matter, will contribute a set that includes his backup band The Pretty Things. Also expect a noisy session with Pizzarrhea!!!, practitioners of schizophrenic camp. Himiko, whose recent CD Victims of Greed dominated national campus noise charts, will also perform solo and with worldbeat metallurgists Tribal Garage. Rounding out the lineup will be Shawn Pinchbeck, Skrunt Skrunt, John Osbourne, Apophecy, S’sE SESSIONS, Stephen Sereda & Trixie Moon, Lutra Lutra, and Shae Guerin and Fecal Point.

The Ortona event will mark the eighth time that an Art’s Birthday event has taken place in Edmonton. The first show in 2008, facilitated by the Film and Video Arts Society (FAVA), took place at the ARTery. The Edmonton Arts Council staged an underwater gala at Scona Pool to celebrate the event the following year. Since 2010, BEAMS has presented Art’s Birthday Edmonton at such locales as Naked Cyber Cafe, Bohemia and Brittany’s.

Art’s Birthday is an annual event first proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou, who suggested that the muse was first invented more than a million years ago when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water. The artist chose Jan. 17, his birthday, as the date of the event, which is largely celebrated in Europe, although other continents have slowly joined the fray of the festivities.



Phil Jagger, curator


Saturday, September 13, 2014

BEAMS at the Ortona 100th Anniversary Celebration

As part of the venerable Ortona Armoury's 100th anniversary celebrations, BEAMS has been invited to present this event free of charge. The show features:

Shawn Pinchbeck
The latest work by this internationally renowned electroacoustics practitioner.

Allison Balcetis
World-class saxophonist returns from a symposium in Brazil.

Abram Hindle
An eccentric endeavor from the genius behind Skrunt Skrunt.

Trevor DePagie
The guitarist from agaperaygunexperiment leads his own venture.

Stephen Sereda & Trixie Moon
A Motonogo member presents guitar debauchery with one of Edmonton's most outrageous burlesque dancers.

For additional information regarding BEAMS...

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BEAMS at The Works

When: 6pm June 30th

Where: Stanley Milner Library is at 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square -- Basement theatre.

What: BEAMS at the WORKS -- Electroacoustic music concert!

How much? FREE

Who: St Crispin's Improv, Motonogo, Dave Wall, Apopecy and agapéraygunexperiment. Sound artists Don Ross, Audrey Ochoa, Gene Kosowan, Dave Wall, Shannon Land, Phil Jagger and friends

The experimental sound artists of The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society (BEAMS), are presenting a free evening of electronic and experimental music and multimedia in the Stanley Milner Library Theatre June 30 at 6:00 p.m. as part of the Works Festival of Art and Design. The show features the surreal soundscapes of St Crispin's Improv, Motonogo, Dave Wall, Apopecy and agapéraygunexperiment. Sound artists Don Ross, Audrey Ochoa, Gene Kosowan, Dave Wall, Shannon Land, Phil Jagger and friends will use tech high and low, including MAX/MSP, Kinect depth sensor camera, projectors, synths, loopers, kaos pad, clarinet, trombone, piano, guitar, drums and bass.

Admission is free.

For more information, write Stanley Milner Library is at 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society has announced it will match some of the city’s most eclectic visual artists with a variety of audio practitioners for an evening to be dubbed ambiARTnight. This event, co-presented with the Harcourt House Artist Run Centre takes place Saturday, April 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the Harcourt Annex (10211-112 Street). Admission to the all-ages show is $10.

Works ranging from watercolours and acrylics to mixed media and photography will be projected in crossfade zoom animation, while musicians and audio artists will interpret the images through improvisation. Pairing of visual and audio artists is as follows:

  • Mixed media artist Glenys Switzer, whose exhibition credits include the Harcourt Annex, Edmonton City Hall and the McMullen Gallery, will have her work interpreted by guitarist Bill Damur, whose performance background runs the gamut from the ESO to Moebius Flip.  
  •  Communications Guru and acrylics painter Marliss Weber, recently having works put on permanent display at Studio J Urban Spa and the Derrick Club, will have her collection undergo an alternative electronic treatment by electronic artist Bong Sample.
  • Photographer, journalist and social activist Paula E. Kirman’s photos will receive a unique sonic treatment by agaperaygunexperiment and Aphotic Numen bassist Shannon Land. 
  • Emerging watercolours artist Stephen Sereda’s works will be accompanied by Gene Kosowan on an undisclosed processor.
Registered as a not-for-profit organization under the Alberta Societies Act and founded in 1989, the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society has been dedicated to the production and promotion of sound-oriented experimentation. BEAMS uses the broadest and most inclusive definition of electroacoustic music, welcoming creativity in any medium. Members perform several concerts a year in addition to occasional recordings, festivals and workshops.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Soundtracking with a handful of BEAMers!

Sound artists Trio Latitude (Gary James Joynes, Shawn Pinchbeck, Scott Smallwood) are slated to provide a unique electroacoustic treatment of a 1963 Czech science-fiction classic in this special, all-ages, one-night event. Admission is $10 at the door.

To allow for this presentation, the movie, shown in black and whi...te and clocking in at an hour and 22 minutes, will be shown in a silent format with English subtitles.

Ikarie XB-1 is a 1963 Czechoslovak science fiction film that was edited and dubbed into English for release in the USA, where it is known by its alternate title, Voyage to the End of the Universe.

While it shows some influence from earlier American ventures such as Forbidden Planet, the film was also influential in its own right—critics have noted a number of similarities between Ikarie XB-1 and Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey and it is believed to have been one of many films Kubrick screened while researching 2001.

As well, its concept of a mobile community in space paralleled TV producer Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a “wagon train to the stars,” which sowed the seeds for the landmark TV series Star Trek in 1966.