The IceBerg has temporarily come out of his deep-freeze hibernation,
and is presenting, under the aegis of BEAMS, the
Boreal ElectroAcoustic Music Society,
a program at the Ortona Gallery.
Music, video, poetry,
even the opportunity for participation by members of the audience.
The program will include:

-- Musickk, a short vocal improvisation, in the style of sound poetry, by Ron Hartwell. Ron was an early member of OTHERWISE, Edmonton’s enemble for free musical improvisation in the late ‘70s.
-- Solitude, a video piece involving Haiga poetry and images by Gerald St. Maur, extended piano and voice audio by Reinhard von Berg, video realization by Piotr Grella-Mozejko.
-- Philip Jagger: Singkronoscities. Sinkronoscities is the art against the frontlines. Pushing the boundaries of performance video and music into something more beautiful.
-- Helve Sastok: Shooting Stars. A vibrant dynamic electroacoustic piece shown with video realization by Piotr Grella-Mozejko uses crumpling paper and wind chimes as sound sources.
-- IceBerg, a video based on photographs of Ice On Whyte taken by Evelyn Berg, video realized by Gene Kosowan, live sound track performed by Reinhard von Berg and Izumi Kuribayashi.
-- Becky’s Black Friday. Experimentalist Gene Kosowan will present “Becky’s Black Friday,” an unorthodox take on the Rebecca Black tune “Friday,” arguably the worst dance song ever recorded.
-- Four items from Nocturne, a book of poems and attendant paintings by Gerald St. Maur. Video realization by Gene Kosowan, audio performed live by Reinhard von Berg, Bill Damur, Izumi Kuribayashi, and Don Ross.
-- Apollinaire; trois poèmes. In the video trilogy “Apollinaire; trois poèmes,” Pro Coro Canada soprano Catherine Kubash recites three works by the French surrealist with soundscapes by Ativan Zoloft, Babysugarbag, and Poster Tube Killer.
-- Inside, by Karlheinz Stockhausen, 1970. This is from For Times To Come, 17 Texts for Intuitive Music. A similar collection of verbal improvisation scores by Stockhausen, Aus den sieben Tagen, was realized and recorded on vinyl by Stockhausen’s ensemble around 1970; these are some of the best group improvisations ever recorded. Some of these were performed by OTHERWISE around 1980.

There will be opportunity for audience members to participate in the first and last piece of the program.

When and Where was IceBerg held:

Tickets $10; $5 members
Door: 7 PM
Concert: March 10, 7:30 PM
at the Ortona Gallery, 9722-102 St.